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How do I register .ng?

1. Select a name

To select a name you should think of a name that reflects either your company, product, brand or service. It is a good idea to try and make the name a memorable one that can easily be remembered. It is also a good idea to think of at least five alternatives in case anyone has already registered it.

2. Check the availability of a name

Once you have come up with your list of names check which names on your list are available and which are not by using the domain search feature on our site. The search results will show you which domains on your list are still available. These you can submit for domain registration.

3. Register with us by submitting your details/domain name application

(Your domain name can only be registered by NiRA Accredited Registrars and Kontemporary is one.)


4. We would then process your request within the hour and update you.