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AfICTA elects new Board

At the close of it's thought provoking Strategy Session and Annual General General meeting, AfICTA - Africa Information & Communication Technologies Alliance members re-elected Dr Jimson Olufuye, Kontemporary, Nigeria as its Chairman. Mr Adrian Schofield, IITPSA South Africa was elected as the Vice-Chairman while Mr Gbenga Fijabi, Great Financiers Consulting, Nigeria was elected as the Treasurer. Other elected board members are: Mr Sunil Geness, SAP South Africa, Dr Waudo Siganga, CSK Kenya, Engr Hossam Elgamal, GNSE Egypt, Engr Lanre Ajayi, ATCON Nigeria, Ms Arinola Akinyemi, Digisphere Nigeria, Ms Tanya Sims -CompTIA, South Africa; Mr Paul Rowney ICT-PAN, Namibia; Mr Alaa Ahmed Fouad Kamal El Khishen, Eccoosourcing, Egypt and Engr Adetola Sogbesan, ChaceSystems, Nigeria.
Dr Jimson Olufuye in his acceptance speech thanked the hosts and said “Information Technology Association (ITA), IITPSA, SAP and WITS have done a great job and have made the rest of Africa proud”. He commended Adrian Schofied and Sunil Geness in particular for their vision and commitment to ICT transformed Africa.
Established in May 2012, AfICTA is a concerned private sector led alliance of ICT Associations, multi-national Corporations, companies, organizations and individuals in the ICT sector in Africa. The 23-African nation alliance's vision is to fulfill the promise of the digital age for everyone in Africa. It's mission is to engage the knowledge Olympiad, propel innovation and fulfill the promise of digital social and economic transformation in Africa; to encourage and participate in multi-stakeholder dialogue fostering ICT enterprise penetration in Africa; to promote the use of cutting-edge innovative technologies including mobile, computing and satellite technologies to achieve an Information society in Africa and to boost foreign direct and intra-African investments.
Summit in South Africa September 1-3 with the theme: “ICT: Lighting the way to development and prosperity across Africa @ Protea Hotel, Parktonian.